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Email scams - Requests for assistance etc
This is one telling me that I'm a lucky beneficiary. Rolleyes

SUBJECT Attn: Beneficiary, Your $1.5 Million Dollars Compensation
Attn: Beneficiary,
I am mrs farida waziri the chairman of ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC).EFCC in alliance with economic community of West African states (ECOWAS)with the head office here in Nigeria.we have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam artists in western part of Africa with the help of the united states government and the united Nation.
We have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various part of west Africa countries which includes(NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO,GHANA CAMERON AND SENEGAL)and they are all in our custody here in Lagos Nigeria. We have been able to recover so much money from these scam artists.The United Nation Anti-Crime commission and the United state Government have ordered the money recovered from the scamers to be shared among 100 lucky people around the global.
This email is been directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam Artists file and a computer hard disk in our custwilliamsody here in Nigeria.you are therefore being compensated with $1.5Million Dollars.we have also arrested all those who claim that they are barristers,bank officials,lottery Agent who has money for transfer or want you to be the next of kin of such fund which does not exist.
Since your name appeared among the lucky beneficiaries who will receive a compensation of $1.5Million,we have arranged your payment through our swift card payment center.But note that,you are to make a payment of $320 dollars for the save keeping of your ATM CARD before it can be delivered to your house address.
Feel free to contact the processing officer:Barrister barrister joshua lager..the swift card has been specially prepared to enable you withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world,but the maximum is five thousand dollars only per day. So you are advice to contact,the processing officer barrister joshua lager.
Barron with your provided information's required.

Provide the information below to enable him prepare your ATM Master Credit Card including your pin to access it.
Best Regard,
mrs farida waziri.
Note:that if no seriousness is seen in you.we have no choice to other than to cancel your fund.we have no time to waste in this transaction any more.this is the second letter and also do disregard any email you get from any imposter or office claiming to be in possession of your ATM card.you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Barrister barrister joshua lager of the ATM CARD possessing center who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your fund and forward any emails you get from imposters to him so we could act upon and commence investigation.
Good day,

I have been waiting for you since to come down here and pick your Bank
Draft but did not hear from you since that time. I went to the bank to
confirm whether the draft is getting close to expire and the director of
the bank told me that before the draft will get to your address that it
will expire. Then I told him to help me and cash the cashier bank draft of
$1,7 million to cash payment.

However, I have successfully cashed the draft and packaged it in a box and
have registered it in the DHL COURIER COMPANY here in Nigeria because I
will traveling to UK, on a one Month conference meeting and will not come back till
next month end. Note, this funds was approved by my boss , to you.

You have to contact the DHL COURIER COMPANY to know when they
will deliver your package to your address. I have paid for the delivering
charges and insurance fees. The only money you have to send to them is
their security keeping fee which i do not when you will contact them.
Don't be deceived by any body.



Please, Send them your contacts information to able them locate you
immediately they arrived in your country with your BOX.
This is the information they need from you.


Try to contact DHL COURIER COMPANY as
soon as possible to avoid increasing the security keeping fees. I gave
them your delivering address but you have to reconfirm it to them again to
avoid any mistake in the delivery.
Note; I didn't tell the DHL COURIER COMPANY that it's money
inside the box, I registered it as a package of a Stationary and other personal valuables. This is
to avoid delaying or any upfront problem during the delivery, So do not
let them to know that the package contents money inside until you have
received it in your house address ok.

Do let me know as soon as you received your package. You will get in touch
with me through e-mail as my phone is no longer available now that I am
out from our country. Contact me by email ok.

Thanks and Remain Blessed.

Mrs. Julian Edgar
Another email from the FBI. Rolleyes

Quote:Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Anti-Terrorist and Monitory Crime Division.
J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc
Customers Service Hours / Monday To Saturday
Office Hours Monday to Saturday:

Dear Beneficiary

This is Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), based WASHINGTON, D.C but right now we are presently in one of West African countries known as Nigeria and we are carrying out a special job that was giving to us by the united nation (UN) and African union (AU),we are working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam artists in western and southern part of Africa with the help of the united nation government and Africa union.however we know that this message will come to you by surprise, but we want you to believe this message and respond to it as soon as possible for quick release of your funds.

The United Nations (UN) and their African Union (AU) was having series of meetings together for the past 7months with the secretary general of United Nations Organization and present governors of some western and southern parts of Africa, and the meeting ended 5 days ago.

In the meeting the united nation (UN) and their African union (AU) concluded that the Federal Bureau of Anti-Terrorist and Monitory Crime Division Investigation (FBI) should go and track down scam artist/fraudsters in various part of west and south African countries which includes(1)Nigeria,(2) Ghana,(3) Cote D'Ivoire,(4) Burkina Faso,(5) South Africa and(6) Benin Republic, and also to make arrests of any suspected fraudsters/scam artist in the above mentioned African countries. This meeting was held because of many complains that the (UN) have been receiving from individuals in overseas that they have been losing money from scammers/fraudsters in Africa and they should look into it, so that's why we are sent to Africa to track down this fraudsters.

And now with collaboration and help of the present governments of Nigeria,Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, South Africa,Benin Republic and some other African governments, We have successfully tracked down and arrested over 957 fraudsters in both west and south African countries and prosecuted over300 government and banking officials and arrest is still going on.

Secondly we also recover over $43 Billion dollars from both cash in accounts and properties and assets confiscated from the arrested fraudsters and now the United Nation Government and their African Union have ordered the money recovered from the scamers to be shared one one point five million USD among the people we founds their email address and personal data in any of the arrested scam artist/fraudsters desk and your email address is one of the email addresses we found in one of the arrested scam artist file anda computer hard disk,so therefore this email is been directed to you in order to let you know that you have being compensated with $1.5Million Dollars from the united nation and Africa Union as charity compensation funds

however the funds have been converted to swift card payment as instructed to us by the United Nation Organization and their African Union and you are to receive the funds through ATM CARD Payment and Note that everything has been taken care of by the (UN) and your ATM CARD have been approved in your favor and issued with your name and also registered to DHL Courier Service at once for delivery to commence. the Serial Number of your ATM MASTER CARD is 4506-8675-2345-9245 and the Identification Number is 2500,the ATM MASTER CARD only contains your $1.5 million USD nothing less and nothing high. Note you are only allow to be withdrawing maximum value of $5,000 USD per day and you can make withdrawal in any Inter Switch location and ATM Center of your choice in the world.

meanwhile in order to effect the release of your ATM CARD that contains your $1.5 million US Dollars compensation funds you are advised to contact our corresponding Agent. Frank Leo who is the rightful person to deal with in regards of your ATM CARD CENTER with this information below and note that you are to contact him with $250usd for shipping fee of your PACKAGE (ATM CARD) which was forgotten to deduct from your funds when it was at hands to deduct it. thirdly we want you to know that your ATM CARD have been sealed and registered with DHL DELIVERY COMPANY for delivery to commence to your present home address and is not longer in our hands to open it and withdraw money from it so right now the only obligation you have in this transaction is to pay the $250usd which is for shipping fee of your ATM CARD that contains your $1.5 million USD.

You are advised to contact Frank Leo with your information's as stated below for confirmation and security purpose.

Your full Name.............
Your Address...............
Mobile phone number........

Upon the receipt of the fees totaled $250, the delivery of your ATM CARD will commence after when Agent Frank Leo confirms your payment which he will gives you the payment information's that you will use in making the payment via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer for shipping fee of your PACKAGE (ATM CARD), and after that the delivery of your ATM CARD will commence and the ATM CARD will be sent to your designated home address without any further charges or delay ok.

However you don't have any thing to be afraid of or to be worried about now that we the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in it,you have to be rest assured that this is 100% risk free; it is our duty to protect and fight crimes.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Donna Story


Take note: Do disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM CARD, you are only advised to be in contact with Agent Frank Leo for the release of you funds because he is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your funds and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon and commence investigation.

This is to notify you that your over due entitlement fund has been gazetted to be released in which an indoor meetings were held between my governments,
International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank Auditors, representatives of the Asian Countries, European Union and American Congress respectively concerning
the inheritance.

It generated an interest of US$ 15.5 Million united state dollars, which we are about to pay to you via Special Bank Instrument directly to your account on the
instruction from the Government.

Be informed that your name was stipulated under the category "A" awaiting the receipt of his payment therefore; you are advised as a matter of urgency, to
reconfirm the following details:


Note that if you have received this message by (electronic email sending error) to your system; kindly help us by informing us to enable us sort this out as my
office has been instructed by the Government to take the issues of the release of all payment owed to foreign beneficiaries very serious.

It will interest you to know that as soon as we receive the above details, we will commence with all needed necessary procedures and issue all payments
details to you, in other to approve the release of your long over due entitlement fund, I want you to understand that this arrangement supersedes all
the previous arrangements given to you.

Nevertheless, if we do not hear from you within the next seven (7) working days from today, it shall attract indefinite postponement of your payment and my
government will not be blamed for such action, any question should be directed to this office.

The Government is sorry for any inconvenience the delay in releasing your entitlement fund must have caused you as a result of unprofessional services
rendered by the banking and financial institutes and that is our aim of objective.


Truly yours,

From:Mr.Chika Agunna,
Pay-Master General
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
International Operations/Foreign funds
Debt Reconciliation/Payment,


Re: Payment instruction to credit your account with the sum of US$10,000,000.00???

This is to notify you that your over due contract funds has been gazetted to be Released,via key telex transfer (KTT) direct wire transfer to you by the Senate house committee for foreign over due fund transfer. Meanwhile, a woman wrote to my office few days ago with a letter,claiming to be your True representative.All Over Due Inheritance/contract Funds winner prize have been recalled to Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Both Africa and Asia and USA, Europe.
Here are her information's

Please, do reconfirm to this office, as a matter of urgency if this woman is from you So that the Bank will not be held responsible for paying into the wrong account Name. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been approved and accredited by the Federal Ministry Of Finance and the Senate House committee for foreign over due fund,to pay all foreign Over due inheritance funds and contract to respective original beneficiaries this first quarter Payment of the year 2012.Base the meeting held with the new Governor and board of directors of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on 11/04/2012

Meanwhile, you are advice to get back to my office immediately with the requested details to enable us have your correct details to wire your fund: Send your reply to this email address

1.Your First/Middle & Last Name:
2.Your Full Office or Residential Address:
3.Your Original Country of Origin:
4.Age/Sex/Marital Status:
5.Position Held in Office:
6.Present Occupation:
7.Office Telephone/Fax:
8.Residential Tel/Fax & Mobile Line:
9.Banking Details:
10. The Official Amount Owed To You:
11. The Country Where you are expecting your claim from:
12.A certified Copy of your international passport or any scanned

However, we shall proceed to issue all payments details to the said Elizabeth Rose Tolson, if we do not hear from you within the next seven working days from today.

Your Sincerely,

Mr.Chika Agunna

Pay-Master General
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
International Operations
Debt Reconciliations/Payment
Another $10 million - lucky me! Rolleyes

YOUR REF:.................

Attn: Beneficiary,

My name is Mr Lamido Sanusi the Executive Governor Of The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Executive Chairman of "E.C.D.R".I discovered that your name and email address (in the Central Computer among the list of unpaid contractors, inheritance next of kin and lotto beneficiaries that was originated from Africa (Nigerian Government) Europe, Asia Plus Middle east,Americans) among the list of individuals and companies that your unpaid fund has been located to a suspense account.
Your name appeared among the beneficiaries who will receive a part-payment of $10 million and has been approved already for Payment. yesterday two foreigners (Mr. Tim Parker and Mr. Rowland Gulf) visited my office in your stead to inform me that they are your Representatives from United State,whom you send to collecting your Funds for you.
We in this Bank do not understand why you sent these men to come and Collect your Funds on your behalf. If actually you want them to help you Collect your Inheritance Bill Sum,at least you should have informed me as the Executive Governor of this Bank. They actually tendered some Vital Documents which Proved that you actually sent them for the Collection of this Funds. Honestly, it really baffles me that you took such decision without my consent.
Here are the Document which they tender to this Bank today:
Actually, these Documents which they tendered to this Noble Bank is a clear Proof that you sent them to Collect this Funds for you. Finally,I told them to come back tomorrow morning and they promised to come back.As the Governor of this Noble Bank, I was supposed to Release this Funds to them but I refused to do so because I wanted to hear from you first.
Due to the Nature of my job, I will not want to make any mistake in Releasing this Funds to anyone except you whom is the Recognized Bonafide Beneficiary to this Funds.Kindly clarify us on this issue before we make this Payment to these foreigners whom came on your behalf. In receipt of this confidential Letter, you are required to call this Bank immediately you receive this Confidential Letter.
Central Bank Of Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn P.O. Box 10922
50929 Kuala Lumpur

Ref: BNM/SGH/231/01


Release/Transfer Notice for your due Funds (US$1,500,000:00).

Payment File No: A.

24Hrs Service

It is very important that the recipient of this Letter should call this office
in other to confirm it to us that this very Letter was received by the true

You are advised to read this Letter very carefully because every
paragraph explains what you need to know about the Release and
Transfer of your due Funds.
At this point, we wish to remind you to stop all further contact with any
person or person(s) whom is not recommended by this bank. Our
Intelligence Monitoring Unit (I.M.U), Code of Conduct Bureau, Legal
Unit and The Royal Malaysian Police Force have already apprehended
some of those suspects whom attempted to divert your Funds.
You are advised to stop all further contact with some scammer you have
been dealing with, that have defrauded you of huge sums because they
are WANTED criminal suspects.

As the Governor Of the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) , I work on behalf of the Paying
Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) under the supervision of the
honourable President of Malaysia

We are glad to announce it to you today that the honourable President of
Malaysia and the Accountant General of the
Federation have collectively Approved and signed the Order to Release
and Transfer being the certified documentation authorizing us (Bank of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to credit your nominated Bank Account..

A copy of the Order to Release and Transfer have been forwarded to our
international remittance department for the onward crediting of your

In other words, we put it to you that we are ready to remit your said Funds
into your choiced Bank Account because we have a 3-4 working days time
constrain to Pay-off each beneficiary short-listed to be Paid by this
Bank. Our Legal Unit have already reviewed your Payment Files and
they have passed it on to my desk for me to Pay you accordingly, so be
rest assured that you will receive your due Funds as soon as possible.
Officially, you will receive your due Funds via an "Electronic Wire
Transfer" which will enable your Funds reflect in your choiced Bank
Account within 48hrs after effect. This mode of Payment is defined as one
of the best and safest mode to remit huge Funds internationally as it is
absolutely different from the usual swift transfer which takes longer time.
Most Banks within the United States of America, Europe and other
developed countries operate with the "Electronic Wire Transfer" for
international transfers because it is a recent innovation in the Banking

Certainly we shall transfer your valued US$1,500,000:00 from the
Sundry/Suspense Account of the Federal Government of Nigeria being
the official Account for international/foreign Payments/debts. A
Sundry/Suspense Account can be defined as a secret Account owned by a
government and operated by certain assigned government officials being
the authorized signatories whom must sign before Funds can be remitted
from such account. For this very account no form of direct withdrawals can
be made from it except a Bank to Bank wire transfer which must be
Approved by the honourable President being the principal signatory to the

Consequent to the fact that I am responsible to Pay you, it is still my duty
to enlighten you on the accurate steps to take in order for you to gain full
possession of this said Funds being Approved in your name.

In the combat against fraud, Funds divertion and Funds delay, we have re
-lenghtly ensured that several foreign beneficiaries have been Paid
accordingly in order to retain and rekindle our country's reputation on the
global map because this recent government dispensation is focused and
targeted to relieve all foreign debts as mandated by The Senate, The
National House of Assembly, The Federal Executive Council (F.E.C),
Code of Conduct Bureau and The Federal Ministry of Finance Malaysia.
Already, alot of foreign beneficiaries have been Paid by this Ministry so
yours will not be an exception considering the fact that the honourable
President have Approved your due Funds today.

In accordance to section (1) paragraph 9 of the Settlement Edict Law of
Malaysia Government of 1992, it is imperative that you provide
us with the below listed information so that we can Pay you.

1. Full Name:
2.Bank Name and Address.
3. Bank Account Number.
4.Routing Number/Swift Code (very important).
5. Your Residential Address.
6.Your mobile or home telephone Number.

A form of identification (I.D Card or Driver's License) is also required
for official references.

The TRUTH is what we stand for.

This Official Letter is being issued to you by "Bank of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)" in collaboration with The Presidency.

Copied to:

The Accountant General of Malaysia.
Bank of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).
The President's office.

Yours Sincerely,
Bank of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)
Another nice inheritance. Rolleyes

Quote:Central Bank Of Nigerian
Head Office,Central Business District
P.M.B. 0187,. Garki, Abuja - F.C.T Nigeria
Our Ref: TUB/CBN/MIN/009.
Your Ref: MAV/CBN/MIN/001.
TEL:- +234-074-433-8657
Email Address: centralbnkofnig.remittancedept@live.com

Attention: ,

Welcome to the Central Bank Of Nigeria remittance payment office. The committee board of directors of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) further informs you that the Contract/Inheritance/award funds valued (US$11.500,000.00) The U.S.A Government and World Bank And United Nations Organization Official Has Approved to pay you part payment of your contract/Inheritance Fund payment Valued at $11.500,000.00 United States of America Dollars in conjunction with Nigeria Government, is fully endorsed to your favor. Your name was selected randomly through a global intelligent email service, from the records of the outstanding payment funds that is due for payment with the Federal Government of Nigeria to foreigner abroad.

We know some people is using the name of this bank (Central Bank Of Nigeria) and this contract payment to extort money from you people if you have been dealing with them we want you to stop every further contact you have with them, and the federal government of Federal Republic Of Nigeria is doing something about that and as soon as possible we shall get them arrested.

This decision was made last week. With this development, you are further advised to hurry up with your claims because we were being contacted by some people, with further claims to our office that you authorized them to have your claims. A lady with name (Mrs.. Elizabeth G Villanueva) from KENTUCKY and another person named as (Mr. Michael Wachovia) who reside in Missouri in the united state of America, informed us that you authorized them for your claim and presented to us some with an application stating that you gave them the power of attorney to be the beneficiary of your outstanding contract/Inheritance/award funds.

They made us to believe that you are dead and that she is your next of kin. We got your email address and decided to send an email through this address hoping to find out if you are dead or alive and also to find out if you at any time gave this people the power of attorney to represent you. documents evidencing your claims alleged to have been signed personally by you perior to the release of your contract fund valued at US$11.500,000.00 (Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).

The group managing board of CBN have reached to an agreement, that if you have not authorized this claims, you are further advised to get back to us with an urgent notification, so that we can STOP further transferring of your fund to them. For more security reason and assurance, please disregard any email contacts that those not come from our office along side with this payment code which serves as security value to your funds and assurance. Payment code (CBN/0024). You are to state to us this security code each time your email is being addressed to our office. To terminate their information with us, you are further advised to re-confirm to our office immediately your passport or driving license and your phone number or fax so that the central processing department will effectively proceed with urgent input of your data.

Please let us know also if you are aware that we are almost ready to transfer part payment of $11.500,000.00 in USD of your outstanding funds to Mr. Mrs. Elizabeth G Villanueva, if you are not aware of the above instruction, do respond to this e-Mail (central-bnk_.ofnig@live.com) immediately by contacting the. Director, Of Remittance Department, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Mr. Emakpo Sam Banks because he is the person in charge of your funds. For immediate transfer of your funds, be informed that you are not allowed to correspond or contact any person or office with respect to this transfer other than this office, you are required to Re- send your information so that we can re-confirm that your still alive to enable us make necessary arrangement by sending your part payment into your bank which will reflect into your bank account immediately. This is our office information and the Director, Of Remittance Department in charge of your payment file Mr. Emakpo Sam Banks.

Governor of CBN: Lamido Sanusi Lamido
Name: Mr. Emakpo Sam Banks (Director, Of Remittance

The remittance department payment office will effectively release your funds to you as soon as your full information is re-confirmed. Stop any further contact with any bank that does not allied with our bank payment code and instruction.

N.B disregards any email contacts or calls that those not come from these of our office and name of the director in charge of your funds transfer along side with the Director, Of Remittance Department of the bank (Mr. Emakpo Sam Banks).

Thank you once again for your anticipated cooperation in advance while we await your urgent response. On behalf of all the staff of Central Bank Of Nigeria we sat Congratulations In advance to you.

Congratulations in advance !!!

Respectful Yours,

Mr.Sam Banks
Director, Of Remittance Department
Central Bank Of Nigeria.
My name is Dago Lasis, I am the new director of (ADB) bank (African development bank) London branch. Which control most African banks as follows: NIGERIA, GHANA, SOUTH AFRICA, BENIN REP ETC.
I decided to reach you personally this YEAR because I do not have anything against you, but your so called partners. Before I was promoted and posted to London, then I was the manager of FOREIGN payments computer section.
Sometime ago your so called partner approached me through a friend of mine and requested that I approve your name as beneficiary for transfer deal. According to him, he wanted us to use the strategy to transfer a huge amount of us dollars by registering you as CONTRACTOR or NEXT OF KIN / INHERITANCE or possibly fix your name as LOTTERY WINNER. We agreed that once I did that, he will give me 40% of the total fund, 30% for YOU and 30% for himself. Having agreed on that i programmed your name on the payment computer as the legal beneficiary, after conclusion, your so called partners started playing pranks with me trying to double cross me, but they refused to understand that I can change the information without their notice which I did.
Because of their attitude I changed your payment (CODE) from the computer system, which made it impossible for you to receive the payment no-matter what you try. I am aware that they have been bribing some officials to get approvals to enable them receive the payment but all efforts were to no success. Rather they keep demanding fees from you ON and ON. Is it not funny that a beneficiary is being asked to pay money while his fund is here? Well, that is the cause of the problem.
Bear in mind that your payment will NOT and you will NEVER receive any payment from any OFFSHORE, CENTERS AS FOLLOWS (LONDON, SPAIN, HOLLAND, DUBAI ETC ) again they told you that you will receive the money via consignment (BOXES) if I may ask, how do you expect such amount to be brought to you cash?
(I) I will have 50% of the money and 50% for you because it is only two of us and you must keep off from every other person and keep it highly confidential and secret.
(ii) You MUST assure me that you will not betray me at last and my own share will be wired into the account I will provide or keep safe until when I arrive in your country for the sharing.
(iii) We can conclude this transaction with utmost SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL if you agree to adhere to my directives based on these conditions being acceptable by you, contact me immediately to enable us finalize all the arrangement.
As soon as we agree, I will perfect the arrangements on your behalf also update your fill to have a smooth transfer. If you do not agreed with my condition, i will advise you to forget about the funds because there is no way you can conclude the transfer without my notice.

Dear Friend,

I write you in good faith, hoping that you will treat this letter as a desperate search for assistance in a matter that shall benefit both of us. A random search based on your locality from the Internet produced your name and address and that of two others in your country.

I am FRANK ROBERTSON an Attorney to a deceased Immigrant property magnate who was based in the U.K., also referred to as my client.On the 31st of July 2000, my client, his wife,daughter/husband and their two Children died in the Air France concord plane crash bound for New York in their plan for a world cruise,http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/859479.stm Since then I have been managing his properties here in the U.K. and some others which he put out for sale. The properties which have long been put out on sale have now been paid for and now the money paid has long been deposited into his local bank account here. I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the money and estate left behind by my client before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by his bank. Particularly, the bank has issued me with a notice to provide any of his next of kin or have the account confiscated within a short period of time.

My late client has an account valued at GBP21 MILLION POUNDS Only. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating any of my clients relatives for some time now and with no one coming forward since my clients passing on,and with the bank now giving me a deadline, I now seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to my deceased client, so that the proceeds of his account valued at GBP21 MILLION POUNDS can be paid to you. This I intend we share amongst ourselves in the ratio of 50% to me and 50% for you. I have all the necessary information that can be used to back up any Claim that we may make and I can assure you that you shall be paid this amount as the next of kin to my late client.

All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us see this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. Trust me as his attorney, this is a risk-free relationship. Please get in touch with me via email and send me your full names and address, telephone and fax numbers to enable us discuss further about this transaction.

Best regards,
Frank Robertson.
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